Three Friends

Our Purpose

Doors hold significance because they have the potential to be an invitation, a warm reception, a small gift to your guests and the passerby.  It is an intentional display of hospitality that flows out from the inside of a home; expressing elegance and increasing curb appeal.


Based in the Chicago area, we employ women who are currently or at one time have been on a spectrum of marginalization.  Decor To Door hopes to open figurative doors for those who will thrive in a trauma informed, therapeutic work environment, growing into their potential while earning a living wage. ​We desire for Décor to Door to be an entrance, a new beginning, an invitation to step into warmth and hospitality for these women.

Decor to Door is a for profit business model. We believe progressive entrepreneurship includes combining social responsibility and social enterprise. We endeavor to thrive in a  paradigm of abundance rather than scarcity.

Join us as we seek to make homes more beautiful while opening doors of hope to women overcoming trauma.

Our Mission

To provide employment to survivors of sex trafficking with meaningful, inspired work and access to professional and personal development within the context of trust based relationships.

Our Purpose

Decor to Door exists to strengthen resilient, hardworking women through professional and personal development. We do this through meaningful, creative work in a loving community, building confidence and hope.


DTD’s aims to develop long-term partnerships with organizations who have established relationships with trafficking survivors, having helped them begin the therapeutic restoration process. As employees of DTD, these women will learn valuable job skills in a trauma informed, therapeutic work environment.  We recognize and value the importance of access to ongoing holistic development in hopes of the best chance for long term personal and professional success. These young women will be encouraged and coached in how to explore their own dreams as well as identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth and development.  DTD places a high value on goal setting as well as celebrating achievements along the way! Employees will earn a living wage with incentives to pursue holistic health through therapy, fitness, nutrition, and other sources of self-care.  We desire to cultivate a culture of grace, hospitality, creativity, and expectation for growth, both personally, and professionally; an environment where every woman can flourish through meaningful relationships and purposeful work, reflective of a healthy work/life balance.

Guiding Principals

  • Connectedness through trust-based relationships

  • Beauty through creativity and inspiration

  • Purpose through meaningful work

  • Hospitality through warmth and welcome

  • Growth through dreaming and development

  • Hope through resilience and joy

Meet The Team


Nicole Cummings

Nicole is the owner and creative designer who aims to delight each customer with the latest in home seasonal decor.

Transplanted to the Chicago area from the Pacific Northwest, along with her husband and two teenagers, they spend much of their time trying to stay warm.


Decor to Door is the marriage of her passion for seasonal home decor with a formal education in social and behavioral science. She has a special interest in the trauma informed model which inspired her to shape a business where she can work out of her creative wheel house while constructing a professional environment for those who would benefit from unconventional hospitality in the workplace.

Her favorite part of Decor to Door is the opportunity it affords her to make her neighborhood and yours more full of warmth and welcome, both aesthetically and relationally.


Tranesha Wade

Tranesha sprinkles her sassy spice into each parcel she thoughtfully packs for you.

My name is Tranesha Wade,  I am 22 year old student hopeing to be a nurse practitioner.  My dream is to travel the world giving medical assistance to those who cannot afford proper medical treatment. 


I am a very faith filled woman, but I did not grow up as such.  I had a very rough childhood entailing much abuse, neglect, abandonment, and then being trafficked. I don’t let my past define my future! Instead I believe in what God has planned for me including sharing my story to show there is hope in the midst of the storm! 


I love working at Décor to Door.  It is an honor to be able to witness the beginning of something so magnificently blessed.  I enjoy packing  parcels and interacting with clients, especially the moments of laughter and celebration. 

It is truly a blessing to able to work alongside Nicole as I get to help her create a trauma informed work environment while getting paid for purpose-filled work.


Melissa Schiff

Melissa's side hustle is keeping our website up-to-date and looking amazing. Her day job keeps her busy with new mammas and babies as a lactation consultant IBCLC in Chicagoland where she owns a clinic.

A Chicagoland transplant from the beautiful state of Utah, she, and her family can be found rooting for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Decor to Door is so thankful she avails her web skills to us!