Vintage Harvest Vignette Suggestions
Summer Parcel Setup Suggestions

Start with a clean canvas...

  • Clean and stow last season’s collection in a well-marked, moisture proof tote so you can easily identify it for next year. The succulents can be gently washed with water by dunking and twisting them, then set out to air dry. They can be easily incorporated into your Autumn Harvest parcel or brought inside to display on a sideboard or coffee table.

  • Sweep away any debris and/or cobwebs on or around porch, and shake the doormat.

  • Wipe down glass hurricane in lanterns. Replace batteries in twinkle lights or candles if necessary. As the evenings come earlier, you may want to adjust the timer.

  • Use a damp cloth to wipe down door and any windows or sills near entry.


2 Unboxing your parcel...

  • Carefully remove and unwrap each item from your parcel.

  • Decide what you want to use now or save for later and schlepp the goods outside to begin constructing your vignette! You may not want to use it all at once depending on the amount of space you have at your front door. For example, perhaps you want to save the Halloween décor until October and the silver/gold acorns and "grateful"sign for November. Using too much seasonal charm at once can look cluttered. But you can certainly make use of the items elsewhere in your home if you have a place.

  • Your wreath will need to be gently stretched and shaped before hanging to achieve best results.


3 Creating your vignette and adding seasonal charm...

  • Set out your anchors (lanterns, doormat and crate) if you have them. We suggest both lanterns on the same side with the taller one closer to the door.

  • Stand crate on its end or lay on its side (depending how much space you have). Stack the pumpkins and gourds inside and spilling out. In order to create levels within your crate, you can use your summer parcel hexagonal containers upside-down to set pumpkins on, covering them with burlap.

  • Place Rye Grass in glass vase and set on top of crate.

  • Set chipmunk on top of crate next to vase, or between in front of lanterns, sprinkling 2-3 brown acorns around him.

  • Use the remaining small acorns and Putca pods (dried pumpkins to use as vase fillers in your lanterns, covering up the battery pack for the twinkle lights.


4   Ideas for personalizing your front door...

  • Stopping by the garden section of your local home improvement store or            farmers market will always  yield something unique and charming for your front door. Adding anything fresh and in season to the vignette, be it sunflowers, succulents, Chinese Lanterns, mums, ornamental grasses, or real pumpkins; each adds interest through height and color variation.  Use items you have on hand to add height. For example, set a potted plant on an a little stool or upside down basket, even a stack of old books! 

  • Add a wide ribbon or burlap sash to cover wreath hanger or attach bow.  

  • Use a fresh 6 inch potted sunflower or mum to place in the burlap basket, tucking the owl pick into the plant.

  • Tie a black and white gingham ribbon around the top of the glass vase.

  • Tuck some succulents around the pumpkins or if you are really brave, you can stick them right into one of your larger pumpkins. (Obviously, this will entail using the pumpkin for succulent display only.)

Decor to Door Fall 2 2019_edited_edited.

5   Incorporating past parcel items into current seasonal vignette...

  • Use your brick mold as a modern cornucopia of sorts by filling it up with small gourds and pumpkins.

  • Use the chalkboard that came in your spring parcel to write "Welcome Fall".

  • Tuck succulents into your pumpkin vignette

  • The black metal bird from spring would also be charming.

  • Use your summer parcel hexagonal containers to create height for pumpkins inside/outside your crate.