Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The ideal door for front door decor...

All front doors are ideal; however, the doorway best suited for a front door vignette has a cover, at least 3’x 3’ in order to protect the items from water damage. All décor items will be ok outside; however they do need protection from direct moisture like rain and snow. With that in mind, a subscription to DTD is full of items that can also be used as seasonal décor for a centerpiece or tablescape, a console or sideboard, a coffee table, a mantel, place settings, etc.  These options would be ideal for those who’s home has no cover over their door.

What if I have double doors?

We've got you! You can add a second wreath to your order as an add on.

What if I don’t like something in my parcel?

We love a good return policy at DTD! We think there is a low likelihood of you disliking an item, however, we would suggest you think about another place or person who could better utilize it before you ask for a refund given the nature of our company being a social enterprise. That said, we are happy to refund you for any item you do not like.  We only ask that you pay shipping to return it to us.


What if something in my parcel is broken?

Oh no, that would be terrible! We will gladly refund or replace any item that has arrived damaged. Please submit a picture of the item within 48 hours of receiving the parcel and we will do everything we can to get a replacement item into your front door vignette ASAP!


What if my neighbor decides to purchase a subscription and we have “matching doors”?

We totally get that concern. A woman never wants to show up to an event only to find another woman wearing the same dress! 

All doors have differences; therefore, even neighbors with similar doors and items can individualize their entrance vignettes. This can be done through utilizing the included suggestions for supplementing your design through items purchased at a farmers market, or craft store, even items that you already own. Or we would be happy to offer you and your neighbor a free customized consultation to help you each create different vignettes using the same items for any or all seasons you are twinning. ;)


What is a "living wage" and what makes it different?

A living wage is a wage high enough to maintain a normal standard of living.  In the state of IL, it is at least twice the minimum hourly wage. 

What is "trauma informed"?

It is an organizational structure and treatment framework that involves understanding, recognizing, and responding to the effects of all types of trauma.

How does your company make connections with the women who work for Decor to Door? 

We partner with an organization called Outreach Community Ministries. They help us determine young women who are best suited for working at Decor To Door.  These women will be taking part in a therapeutic residential facility where they are leaning to live live in freedom while receiving therapeutic services.


If I’ve already enjoyed a year’s subscription, but wish to renew, will the items be the same for the following year?

No way, we love to change it all up!  All items will be new each year, each season.