Wreath & Sign Parcel (4 season subscription)

This parcel is shipped to you 4 times; one for each season. It will arrive the first week of September, December, March, and June.


Your first shipment will include a wreath, a hanging ribbon, a handpainted wood sign, a metal wreathhanger, and metal sign holder. Subsequent shipments will include a seasonal wreath, a hanging ribbon, and a handpainted wood sign. 


If your front porch is not covered, there are many places inside of your home to hang a wreath and display a wood sign! Some ideas for wreath haning could include a mirror, a window, or and interior door. The sign could be displayed on a kitchen counter, an entrance table, or on a shelf.

Wreath & Sign Parcel (4 season subscription)

  • Flat rate hipping cost breakdown is as follows:

    $0-$50 = $12

    $51-$101= $15