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Spring Newsletter

Could spring get here any sooner, please? I am dying out here! Amiright? The only time I’m comfortable is when I’m chin deep in a hot bath. I finally really understand Laura Ingles book title, The Looooooong Loooooooong Winter. Oh spring, why do you make us wait so long?

Spring brings with it so much potential: a clean slate, a fresh start, a new beginning. The days begin to get longer, as the sun reacquaints herself with emerging flowers and foliage. Spring woos with her many shades of green and how the pointillism of her cherry and forsythia blossoms dot the landscape. The sound of lawn mowers, the smell of cut grass, the sight of protruding bulbs planted last fall, and the birds, cheering spring on, fill the air with a celebratory cacophony that winter has finally released her grip. Life begins to look much better through the golden lens of sunshine.

And speaking of potential and new beginnings…

Décor to Door has had lots happening during the months since our last parcel drop. The most exciting part is our newest connections with other organizations who are also working to help survivors and other marginalized populations. Though it feels incrementally slow, I know its perfect timing. I must resist the temptation to base success on accolades or numbers and focus on faithfulness. When God begins a good work in you, He will be faithful to bring it to completion in His time. In April we will announce our “Bag Lady Initiative” sponsorship. This is an opportunity for you to have a personal connection to a woman overcoming trauma. We are partnering with Shebobo Designs, importers of fair trade bags made by women in Madagascar. Shebobo sources products that support local economies, fair wages, and sustain generational artisan traditions. You can become a “bag lady” by purchasing one of these beautiful handbags to gift to a survivor; even include a personal message of encouragement to her! Additionally, you can purchase a bag in honor of a friend’s birthday or Mother’s Day or any occasion! I will personally hand deliver these bags and letters to women currently residing in a faith based safe-house here in Chicagoland through an organization called Naomi’s House. Your purchase will be a beautiful gesture of kindness to a woman unaccustomed to generosity. A beautiful bag will add to her dignity as she continues down the path of restoration.

Another organization I am partnering with is Revolution Workshop here in the city of Chicago. Revolution Workshop is a social enterprise that provides carpentry and woodworking workforce development for unemployed or underemployed people in partnership with area businesses. We are working together to create rustic/reclaimed crates and boxes to add to the anchor package. These will allow you to create height and texture into your vignettes whether on your front door or anywhere else you create seasonal displays. My heart is giddy when I think of the impact social enterprise can have on a community.

Thank you for your interest in this burgeoning enterprise. I will keep you informed through email as to new offerings and developments. Please tell your friends about Décor to Door, as I am eager

to expand my number of seasonal décor subscribers as well as those who may wish to get involved through the Bag Lady Initiative.

Not warm enough yet,

Nicole Cummings

Décor to Door