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Summer Newsletter

Its almost here! These last few months of spring have been laughable in Chicoagoland; a snowstorm on Palm Sunday, and another one two weeks later! Ugh! At the moment the rain is coming down in sheets and the only thing louder than my basement sump pump is the crackling thunder. If I didn’t know better, I’d think it was October, or Junuary as my husband calls it. And yet… the chartreuse leaves clothe the trees, the grass is as green as it ever will be and emerging summer bulbs stand at attention, holding court among the retired tulip remains. The future looks bright.

Don’t you love that day in late spring when it hits 75 degrees and summer’s arrival feels immanent? Certain that she is here to stay, you rummage through the garage tearing out the hammock, the sun chairs, the blow-up pool and the bad mitten net.

Summer always arrives later than we like and leaves before we are ready to see her go.

Succulent Summer is the name of Décor to Door’s summer collection parcel. Paying homage to that seen everywhere variety of greenery called succulents. I LOVE living plants, but with summer’s frenzied schedule of vacations, pool days, beach trips, and lake house visits, I thought high quality fauxs were in order. With these quality replicas, people will never guess they are fakes! Feel free to get creative by incorporating living plants too if you like. Ferns would make a perfect addition since they like shade and their color hues would work well with the green ombre palette. As you will find, the included gift is just the thing you’ll need to take care of a fern or living succulents if you have them. It can also be added to your vignette or used on a hot summer day to cool you down. Adding a touch of essential oil to the water would be extra refreshing! (Try tangerine, grapefruit, or eucalyptus.)

It has been a busy few months for Décor to Door. I continue building relationships with other organizations caring for those who are overcoming the trauma of sexual exploitation and trafficking, hoping to build partnerships with them to learn best practices for creating a trauma informed work environment. I have had the privilege of facilitating seasonal crafts at the safe house where these women are residing and receiving care. A favorite was the terrariums we made with living succulents.

Thank you again for your subscription purchase! You are adding to the beauty of your home as well as opening doors of hope to those who experience barriers to gainful employment.


Nicole Cummings, Décor to Door

Nicole Cummings, Décor to Door