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Fall Newsletter

Vintage Harvest

What’s in the box?

The Fall parcel drop is in less than a month, but DO NOT stop enjoying summer; leave the work to us! We are busy packing your next parcel full of everything you’ll need to decorate your front door with this Fall’s current seasonal décor trends. Think large thick layers of rusty red maple leafs, orange pumpkins and green squash. Woodsy accents like a large produce crate and whimsical chipmunk with a bushy grapevine tail not to be outdone by tall stalks of wheatgrass in a vintage glass milk vase. We think this is one of our best parcels yet, but we always think that. ;) Have a look inside the box!

Introducing the Mini Parcel!

Starting this fall, we are offering a new option for a mini parcel in addition to the standard parcel. The mini will be a bit pared down from the standard parcel. The 4 season mini subscription will come with a seasonal wreath, holiday decorations, and a few seasonal items to create a simple, but stylish vignette. It will not come with anchors (lanterns, doormat, larger items). It’s a great option for someone living in a condo or whose entrance has just one sidewall that can accommodate décor.

Pop-Up Shop at the Downers Grove Farmer’s Market

We have received such a warm welcome from everyone who has stopped by our shop! Much thanks to those of you who have signed up to receive news on upcoming events and signed up for a 4 season subscription! We look forward to helping you create a festive door that will soon be the talk of the block. In addition to our front door décor, we are offering a wide assortment of fabulous fair trade artisan fashion bags. In the next few weeks we will be adding a page to our website by popular demand for the purpose of making these bags available to our customers who don’t live close enough to hop on down to Downers Grove.

What’s Next?

We are busy creating partnerships with Naomi’s House and Outreach Community Ministries (OCM). Naomi’s House is a Chicago area trauma informed residential home for survivors of trafficking. Here, women are able to live and receive therapeutic resources helping them along the road to restoration. Décor to Door has had the privilege of offering these delightful women seasonal craft workshops at the home. We are exploring ways Décor to Door can begin investing in their future.

We have begun the exciting process of becoming a corporate partner with COM in order to hire our future first employee!

Take a Look See!

In addition to Décor to Door’s Homepage, we’ve also updated the “About” page as we continue to fine-tune our mission, purpose, and vision statements.