What is a vignette?

A vignette is a fancy French word meaning a small collection of objects that create a pleasing focal point and tells a story.

How do I create a vignette?

We will send you all the foundational pieces you'll need to build an on trend seasonal display.

The Anchors

These are larger pieces that can be used in any season such as lanterns, a doormat, and a stool or short table to give height variation to  your vignette.

Seasonal Charm

Our favorite element of the vignette! This is the fun stuff, the aesthetic detail that give your vignette charm, texture, and even playfulness. It can be seasonal or holiday specific! This part really adds depth to your vignette, bringing enchantment to all who pass through your front door.

The Curated Door

The overall feel of a door that has been seasonally curated offers warmth and welcome to your guests while the curb appeal makes your home a standout. Your friends and family will delight in your attention to detail as they anticipate your seasonally changing door décor.